Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Masterpieces

i just read haikus from aziz'z page and i feel like sharing some of my pieces that i've made...
i was afraid to post them on my page initially because seriously i am intimidated with my other friends who have great talents in writing. But, i just feel like to share them with you guys.

p/s: would be very glad if you may leave some inspiring sparks after you read my pieces.

1st, is my Acrostic Poem:


My father's name is shorter than mine,
Only two syllables in his name.
He was a villain to me when i was a kid
As i was not so easy to cheat.
My oh my, daddy you were so strict,
My oh my,now you've changed
And i now a man who you wanted to change.
Daddy oh daddy, you still love to gauge.

K'own is my nickname
Hey never misspelled my name.
A fitness freak is what i am,
Incurable optimist is what they meant.
Radziah is my mom, the queen of my heart.
Unlike the rest, she's truly one of a kind, who
Loves and cares until the end of the time.

Firdaus is my aim, Firdaous
Is my name.
Running is my hobby but i
Don't run.
Any obstacle i face,
Only glory that i embrace.
Using all means that i have, I
Strive, I chase, I win the race.

~Firdaous Fadzil~

Next, would be my Haikus:

"And from the blue sky it comes,
dropped on the ground
and splatted on my right shoe"

"Down the stairs she is,
smiling and giggling,
on the phone--talking"

"pity face she showed to me,
--stopped eating,
i shooed her away"

~Firdaous Fadzil~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Lepas-Gian-Therapy" Session


"weh apa crita hang pnya blog?x update punnn" (M. Afiq, 2009)

sory sheikh for letting you down. i know that it is not only you who miss my entry. but the other fans as well... sory my dear fans for lettiing you down... haha..

okay i would call this as my "Lepas Gian Therapy Session"

my last post was like more than a month ago and it is actually bad for a 'babyblogger' like me. err.... i mean.... a new blogger... hahaa..

i was so geram that i couldnt update my blog due to my hectic schedule... darn... i got so jealous whe reading my friends entry. they shared on the poems, the haikus, and the most important point that i wud like to say here is.... they even wrote on "gettting to know you"...!!!


aku pun ta tulis lagi... depa dah tulis... but nevermind...i would say almost the same thing like what azie and safwan wrote in their entry.... and infact, i am honoured to have them commenting on the event. thanx azie, thanx safwan, thanx everyone for making G2Ku a succes! ;-)

lepas G2ku apa ek...?

Oh yaaaa!!!

the sudden semester break! ok fans, if i had time to write about that, my subject of the entry would be just having to inform every one that i didnt really enjoyed my break as i had to undergo check-ups and rest most of the time due to the dengue fever...

hmm... what's next? haaa!!! kawad kawalan kehormatan diraja istiadat konvokesyen arituu..

here;s how it goes..

while i was stilll recovering myself at home, i received an sms telling me to be there on the 30th july 2009. damn, i just got home on the 26th and they are asking me to be there on the 30th for the rehearsal???? no way!!

hehehe... so i went back on the 31st night instead and arrived there on the 1st morning. sangatla behind the schedule kan???

who cares? paling teruk officers tu bagi aku push up 50++ tak pun, squad jump, tak pun dia ketuk aku ngn tongkat kawad tuh... ahhh!! biarkan! layan je... janji dapat balik umah puas sikit.. ahahah...

ok, on the 3rd, the hari kawalan kehormatan diraja i was still coughing and i had to really bear with it because kawad depan Agong kot... tak kan nak batuk ty dia periksa barisan... there were several time that i was about to cough. so what i did? i hold my breath to avoid from coughing in front of His Majesty Tuanku Yg Di-Pertuan Agong... ok fans... that will be the main point to be discussed if i were to post my entry haritu..

next apa eh?

haa... after 3rd Aug... here the best part kot....

i was preparing myself for the "IIUM Invitational Intervarsity and Open Taekwondo C'ship" which was to be held on the 7th,8th, 9th..

gile.... penat.... mana dgn kelas lagi...

training lagi..

dating lagi....whups! eh yang tu tak.... xde masa k... ahaha

on the 4th..

i heard rumours that i will be promoted to Senior Under Officer (SUO) in ROTU. the hari pemakaian pangkat n pembukaan latihan will be on the 9th. the rehearsal will be on the 8th OK... this is scary...

i don't really mind if i were destined to be the unfortunate person to be in that rank. being an SUO is a big deal because only ONE SUO in every IPTA seluruh malaysia... and, whoever become the SUO for UiTM, it will be a huge deal because the person has to lead not only the shah alam squad, but ROTU from UiTM Melaka, Arau, and Dungun.... WHOA!!!

it is not that i am afraid to be the leader.. that will be like an untimate challenge to me and it will be a good credit for me later on.. but... the thing is.. i am not like any other RATU.... i mean ROTU Cadet Officer... they dont do anything else besides ROTU and study. but me??? i have to train for the competitions... nak baca novel contemp lit lagi.... nak involve ngan ethos lagi.... aiyaaaa...

on the 5th..
i was confirm that i am the org malang itu..... i got the news that i will be promoted to SUO... but, was told in a different way... the military style...

i was ask to do push-up... and then hold at the lower position... pastu the officer said "haaaa tahniah2.. ni la dia yg bakal jadi SUO UITM ni ye.... nak jadi SUO mesti mantap... hah! buatla push up 50...." hadoiyai... buat salah kene, tak buat salah pun kene.... layan je... tapi baru tgh buat around 20 lebih dia dah suruh bangun... slamat....

so i didnt go to the tournament sebab clash dgn promotion day tu..

dipendekkan crite..

8th - debate workshop -tapi balik awal coz had to attendthe rehearsal at 4pm.
9th - i got promoted to Senior Under Officer

(ya allah, aku tahu Kau yg pilih aku... bg la aku ptunjuk Ya allah, jgn la uji aku hebat2.... iman aku nih lemah ya allah.... mudahkanla segalanya Ya Allah....)

10th - i went to terubuk clans' house..... i was sleeping besides mamu... tibe2..


Pusat Sukan Uitm informed me that i got shortlisted to go for the National Taekwondo Team Selection on the 17th aug at the Majlis Sukan Negara Bukit Jalil....

i pinched my cheek... and say "o...k.... this is not a dream"

i had around 1 week to prepare myself..

another hectic training schedule... aiyaaaa bila mau update blog????

xde masa nak lepak2, layan FB, blogging, dating.... whups! skali lagi whups! yg tu tak ok....

17th Aug...

went to MSN, there was really a gigantic prehistoric butterfly in my stomach. i was so nervous! gile tak nervous! national selection kot! kalau selection petanque ke, netball ke, frisbee ke xpe gak! ni Taekwondo! a combat sport sport that involves full physical contact!

i didnt eat anything,
i didnt talk to any1,
i didnt text to any1,
i even forgot to breathe i think..

its weird when a creature like me gets so nervous...

the weigh in session...

and then they called my name to spar. only 1 round. 2 minutes. realizing that i only had 2minutes. i told myself that i rreally have to explode in that extended time.

i screwed up.

i didnt get selected.

i had my meal at the MSN

we went back

i was wondering inside the UITM van..

why i wasnt selected?

Allah tak pilih aku nih....

xpala.... nextime kot...

lagipun if i were selected....

gilaa weh.... serving the nation is not a benda main2... many things that i have to sacifice... maybe i am not ready yet...

xpe, selection for Asian University Games 2010 ada lagi... and Bangkok will be the host...

i'allah... kalw ada jodoh, i mean klw ada rezeki xkemana...


now that answers why it is hard for me to keep my blog updated.. plus, there are no internet acces at kolej teratai..

my life now..... and so far...

xla bz sgt.....

ada la time nak bernafas sikit...

but maybe only for a while... coz there are still lots of things to catch-up..

i didnt really pay atention during the class and now is the time for me to start focus.....

its 29th aug... 5am... im at home now...

i dont feel like to go sleeping.. i just want to enjoy every single minute being at home and i don't want to lose a second of it.

i just want to lepas geram to be at home...

eating like monster

dating with my laptop... ah best nya....


i dont feel like recheck my entry for any typo, grammatical or syntax error...or whatsoever this time.plz dun get mad at me teacher azie.. i just write what i feel and i love it this way... hahaa!!

-budak homesick gila-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

i kicked butts! and i got kicked!

UiTM Taekwondo Team

i know this is so not panas mcm goreng pisang panas as MASUM has already past for about 3 weeks ago.. there were lots of things that has to be done.. and although i'm suppose to do this like immediately after the tournament.. but still, this is the entry that i really want to share.

Karnival Sukan MASUM or Malaysia Intervarsity Games has dropped its curtain for the year 2009... congratulations to UiTM for becoming the overall champion again for this series' event., presenting!! Road to MASUM2009!

"The Training"

We started our centralised training on the 14th of may 2009 with all athletes stayed at Kolej Mawar at Block 2A(Mawar xde watercooler... dahaga mlm2... xleh minum...).

i was so grateful because we trained twice daily. Fitness training will be in the morning and skill training will be during the afternoon session... nasib baik... bukannya apa...
Back then, when i was representing Kedah, during the latihan pusat, i had three training sessions a day (fitness-630am-830am, skill-10am-12pm, fitness+skill-3pm-5pm.)
malam??? kul 9 dah tido... cnfirm nyenyak... tp dulu la...

fitness training will start with stretching and 30 minutes of jogging around the track and followed by exercises like
-100 m sprint -3-4 sets(the last two person wil have to add 1 more set)
- 400m sprint- 3sets(and we have to complete it below 1minutes 20 seconds.... gile mcm nak pecah jantung..hahaha)
-climb up stairs...single steps, double steps, triple steps, 'wheel-barrow', 'carry and climb '(dokong partner sambil panjat tangga stadium)3 sets for each..
-and loads more... those are only few things that we did for our fitness training.. seriously, penat gile.... but still there's no easy way to glory..

the moment we get to our room, every1 will immediately jump on the beds and dozed off...

the afternoon training session(3.30pm-6pm) focused more on our skills. there were loads of kicking drills, sparring techniques, footworks ets..

since it was really tiring, and we will have to get up early in the morning everyday, the best part was everuone will get to sleep as early as 930pm... including me..and i really got my quality sleep which i haven't had for so long..;p

the training goes on everyday until the match day... but a few days b4 the game, we only did light training to recover from injuries and to avoid from any more to occur... hahaha...

During the light training session- we played 'Bola Beracun' and "Baling Selipar"

"cutting the weight"

i had to lose 2 kg before the weigh-in session and i managed to lose them just early in the morning on the day before the Weigh-in session..
these are things that i did to lose my kilos..
i started to control my carb and protein intakes two days before the deadline.
i stopped consuming any food especially liquids as i had to release all the liquids from my body in the extended time that i had.
i did slow jog in my sweat suit early in the morning before the weigh-in session and i managed to cut my weight as intended. yeah!

"the fights"

warming up session before the fight

so called pep-talk session from everyone especially the team captain before
we roar... and.. UiTM ON THREE!! 1! 2! 3! UITM!!!!

few minutes before my first bout

last stretching..

get ready for actions

that's a clear solid point!
during the 1st preliminary round..

and this..
also was taken during the 1st preliminary round

just look at my opponent's face... hahaha..
this was taken during the second preliminary against UKM.

my coach.. doing his part...

breath in.......
"ok eh firdaous, u have to win this round, u have to win this round... main mcm 1st round td.. rilex,
fake2... BAM!!! sir nak awak pg kaki blkg dulu.. fokus2!! "

after my quarter final fight



somehow nobody took my photo during my semi-final match...
man... it was such a great fight... against UPNM.

...and here comes the final bout for Bantam weight category (58kg-62kg)!
Mohammad Khairul Firdaous Bin Fadzil (a humble-out-of-nowhere-perasan-bagus-former state player)- UITM (Blue)


Ryan Chong Wylun(national player)- UM (Red)

charyeot..! gyeongnye..! junbi...! SIJAK!!!

me, against a national player, trying to give my best shot...

as the saying goes...what you give, you get back... see?? i got kicked!
(just exactly the same like i kicked my opponent during the first round)

my turn, but it didn't hit him on full impact... as he managed to slide back and counter me back...
darn... he was so sleek and faster than me..

(d'uh... all that comes from a good and consistent training from MSN. )

...and that's a wrap. a silver medalist... aaarghhh!!! i want gold medal!!! my coach Mr. Syed Taufik a former national fighter and beside him,
a national fighter in the making... cheyh! brangan! x malu!
still got long way to go to become one
... and of course, i have to beat Ryan 1st...

"some other actions"

my team captain, fuad, with his jumping reverse back kick

Elaine Teoh, a national olympic player.
She competed in the last Olympic Athens (Blue-UPM) vs a humble-having -a-hard-time-ex-state fighter (Red-UiTM) a split second..her left leg rises up in the air..

..and BAM!
nice and solid score!
a chopping kick right on the humble-yet-big-hearted-ex-state fighter's face(red-UITM)
xpe Alin... kalah ngan Olympian... atleast.. xla malu sgt...

it feels bad when i think of my lost. that was my second chance to beat him up after we fought in 2005 during remaja kbgsaan in Kuala Terenganu. but then, he won again this time... and he really kicked my butt... i hate to lose.. but i have to embrace it..

a friend of mine told me this:

"think about all the butts that you've kicked and you'll feel better."

...and yeap... that made me feels great... hahaha... i kicked butts, and I got kicked!
i don't have to feel bad or anything. its now fair and square... LOL! ahaha!

That's all for now... thanx for spending your time reading my entry yang panjang ntah ape-ape. tak larat nak upload gmbr lg dah... more pictures are inside my album on Fb. Thank you and see you again in my next entry!

"Life is a fight. Everyone gets knocked down,
what matters is how fast you get up"
(Sylvester Stallone - The Contender 1)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yeap! him again...

"Firdaous! push Firdaous! keep going, keep going! faster2!"
"awak nak lwn ngn dia nih nanti! camni ke awk nk lwn ngn dia? push!"
"yes!, beautiful! that's it!"
"haaaa.... mcm tu la.. lawan pakai otak.."
"panjang! distance2!!"
"weh panjang! mung sidestep, masuk BOOM! muke die.. mung igt panjang.. budak nih counter attack die laju.. mung kene pandai maing sidestep ngn die.. jangang maing attack bodo mung jee.."
"panjang! laju panjang! haa! lagu tuh panjang!"

those are few words from my coach and my teammates especially my team captain.(yg slang tganu tuh sume die yg kabor... fuh, doh pandar cakak tganu doh aku nih... dok kawang ngang org tganu blake)

yup, i can feel the tense... UiTM is the overall defending champion for Sukan MASUM since 2004 if im not mestaken. i want to be one of the gold medal contributers and i have to win gold for UiTM. but, it might be difficult as from what i heard, i will have to face a national taekwondo player in my categoty.. He has fought in many international tournament and has won sevaral titles including the gold medalist for junior world taekwondo championship in 2004. he can be considered as among the undefeated fighter in the national level.

me afraid of him? hm... a bit.. errr.... nope! he has nothing to be afraid of!

i will be playing in my homeground (UUM, Sintok, Kedah) and i will beat him... i'm going to kick his a** (pep talk la konon..)

will i make it? will i able to beat him up? will i able to really explode in the ring?

i fought him in Kejohanan Tekwondo Remaja kebangsaan 2005 which was held in Kuala Terengganu. as expected, i lost to him with almost a knockout during the semifinal match.a hard impack from his jumping back thrust kick directly to my sternum really made me felt like all my ribs was slightly bend to the inside... lucky it didnt break them.. and i was able to stand up again, and lost with point counting.. phew..

that was in 2005, and now is 2009...
we are now older,
we are more matured in our pshycology, skills,
he may have train more than me since he is a national player..
im no longer like what i used to be when i was 17,

i might have to work harder as what my coach, who knows him as his junior in the National team said:

"atleast klw awak tak menang, you can give a good show to all your crowd..."

ok, that means a lot.. i dont want to lose again to this guy and i hope that i will meet him in the final round and not during the preliminary round..because at least i could a get silver medal for UiTM but at the same time i have to be realistic. aarrghhh!! there are also more good fighter other than him that i have to think of. enough!
i don't want to think more of this. i just want to stay fokus... and to all my friends, please pray for me and wish me all the best for the game. 8D

during the training session...

Take 5!!! and every one will grab their water bottle..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

holliday = ??????

i finished reading midin's and jeng's blog!
aaarhh... jeles gila.. best nya budak2 nih...
(wait, Nway, happy belated birthday rayner!) okeh, sambung balik...

i am having my semester break right now.. but as usual, a boring person like me will have nothing else to do other than going for my training and being away from my mom... i mean, my family..

i don't know why the cycle keeps going on until now. since i was in secondary school time, i will spend most of my holiday going for taekwondo training because usually, national tournament will be held during the school break..

it gets even worse when it was in 2004 where i have to spend most of my holiday preparing for SUKMA 2006.(weekends, cuti pertengahan tahun, hujung tahun.. cuti= training* sigh), but eventually, due to my injury and several other issues, i couldnt represent kedah for sukma2006. but, that was in the past and let it be a history.

somehow i feel like the cycle keeps on going like what it used to be. i managed to enjoy my semester break when i was doing my pre tesl.

but, now,doing my bachelor degree, since i was in my first semester, ROTU steals most of my holiday and i will end up having around two weeks to spend on my semsester break.

This semester.

almost the same as the other semester break, i will be away from my family again.
i have to prepare for the Karnival Sukan MASUM 2009 which will be held at UUM, Sintok. from 21st may until 27th may 2009.

my centralised training will be from 14th to 24th may at the Main Kampus, Shah Alam and my game will be from 25th to 27th of may 2009.

what about my PALAPES a.k.a ROTU?
*(Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan/Reserve Officer Trining Unit)


ROTU Mid-Year Military Training will be held from 23rd May until 30th May 2009. Yes, it somehow will be clashed with MASUM. But i am trying my best to escape frm the training for the remaining three days. I want to get back home immediately after i finish my game on the 27th.

fingers crossed, i hope that i will be able to convince the Officers to allow me not to go for the Military Training konon2 "mewakili UITM ke MASUM "and hopefully with a medal (dont know yet wheter it would be a gold, silver or bronze) would be a credit for me to escape from the Military training. and i want to use the remaining days to spend on my holidays!!!!

i hope that i will able to spend the entire holiday. but with "Getting to Know You" which will be going to take place on the 25th of july, somehow i feel like i will have to spend my holidays preparing for that welcoming activities... yes.. i'l be sacrificing my holiday again............

enough said. i have to stop whining because nobody forces me to do what i am doing right now.. it's my own choice and i have to face it.

million credits to my family (Sir Fadzil, Kakngah, Ami and especially my lovely Che' yah!)
for their understanding and supports..

sory abah for not spending enough time to help you out with the chores..
sory Che' Yah for making you counting the day ur son will be leaving home and waiting patiently
for him to get back... with bruises, and cuts, most of the time..
sory kakngah for not able to go hang out with you..
sory ami for not able to go joging, futsal and watch football matches with you..
thank you and sory for everything!

and to all my dear friends..
-enjoy your holiday to the fullest!
-do activities, go to work or anything that makes you happy..
-family first! do spend your precious time with your family members... go out, or do activities together.
-wish for my luck! doa2... huhu... 8D

happy hols! have a great one! miss you guys!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

tagged! " you are now, activated!" (Aria's voice)

This is my first mission assigned by master Farzen...
sory master for the late completion .. please don't fail me master...

The rules are simple.
~Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people...

i am:

i really want to go:

to watch the Red Devils LIVE at The Theatre of Dreams!!

my favourite place:

i love to take a long shower especially after my training
(and i really want a shower room like this!!!!!)

my favourite drink:

would be my very own homemade juice!!
(so that i can experiment and blend anything i want!!)

my favourite food:

(sigh...) here comes the toughest part... i just love foods... i eat almost everything... from malay kampung cuisine, masakan minang, western, indian delicacies, chinese, italian, mediterranean n recently baru blajar makan sushi(thanx to nabil and pana) hm.. ok, hm.. i have to decide now or else master farzen will fail me..

kampung delicacies!!! complete with ulam2!!!

my favourite colour:

would probably red... but i don't mind putting on any colour... but wait!

pink? errr... aaa... mybe not really suits me kot.... since i'm dark kan.. ;-p

my favourite show:

i don't really watch tv recently.. the only tv show that i watch here in shah alam would only be all the football matches especially when the red devils are in action! but back at home, here's are some programs that i love to watch if i don't go anywhere and especially when i feel like i just want to spend my precious+extended holiday at home. baring2 on my couch,with tv remote control on my chest, drinks on my right(milk, cofee, tea,my very own homemade juice or anyting) wahh... gile best...

and more...

My Hobbies:

and sleeping...

my wishes:

duit banyak!!! so that i can buy things that i want...
(giler duniawi... astaghfirullahalazim.. *lol*)