Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Masterpieces

i just read haikus from aziz'z page and i feel like sharing some of my pieces that i've made...
i was afraid to post them on my page initially because seriously i am intimidated with my other friends who have great talents in writing. But, i just feel like to share them with you guys.

p/s: would be very glad if you may leave some inspiring sparks after you read my pieces.

1st, is my Acrostic Poem:


My father's name is shorter than mine,
Only two syllables in his name.
He was a villain to me when i was a kid
As i was not so easy to cheat.
My oh my, daddy you were so strict,
My oh my,now you've changed
And i now a man who you wanted to change.
Daddy oh daddy, you still love to gauge.

K'own is my nickname
Hey never misspelled my name.
A fitness freak is what i am,
Incurable optimist is what they meant.
Radziah is my mom, the queen of my heart.
Unlike the rest, she's truly one of a kind, who
Loves and cares until the end of the time.

Firdaus is my aim, Firdaous
Is my name.
Running is my hobby but i
Don't run.
Any obstacle i face,
Only glory that i embrace.
Using all means that i have, I
Strive, I chase, I win the race.

~Firdaous Fadzil~

Next, would be my Haikus:

"And from the blue sky it comes,
dropped on the ground
and splatted on my right shoe"

"Down the stairs she is,
smiling and giggling,
on the phone--talking"

"pity face she showed to me,
--stopped eating,
i shooed her away"

~Firdaous Fadzil~

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  1. "Firdaus is my aim, Firdaous
    Is my name.'

    InsyaAllah. Amin.