Monday, April 27, 2009

tagged! " you are now, activated!" (Aria's voice)

This is my first mission assigned by master Farzen...
sory master for the late completion .. please don't fail me master...

The rules are simple.
~Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people...

i am:

i really want to go:

to watch the Red Devils LIVE at The Theatre of Dreams!!

my favourite place:

i love to take a long shower especially after my training
(and i really want a shower room like this!!!!!)

my favourite drink:

would be my very own homemade juice!!
(so that i can experiment and blend anything i want!!)

my favourite food:

(sigh...) here comes the toughest part... i just love foods... i eat almost everything... from malay kampung cuisine, masakan minang, western, indian delicacies, chinese, italian, mediterranean n recently baru blajar makan sushi(thanx to nabil and pana) hm.. ok, hm.. i have to decide now or else master farzen will fail me..

kampung delicacies!!! complete with ulam2!!!

my favourite colour:

would probably red... but i don't mind putting on any colour... but wait!

pink? errr... aaa... mybe not really suits me kot.... since i'm dark kan.. ;-p

my favourite show:

i don't really watch tv recently.. the only tv show that i watch here in shah alam would only be all the football matches especially when the red devils are in action! but back at home, here's are some programs that i love to watch if i don't go anywhere and especially when i feel like i just want to spend my precious+extended holiday at home. baring2 on my couch,with tv remote control on my chest, drinks on my right(milk, cofee, tea,my very own homemade juice or anyting) wahh... gile best...

and more...

My Hobbies:

and sleeping...

my wishes:

duit banyak!!! so that i can buy things that i want...
(giler duniawi... astaghfirullahalazim.. *lol*)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

my very first ignition!! jjyeahhh!!

Assalamualaikum... (in a very deep voice tone)

It has been such a long tym i wanted to join this group... (Star wars sound effect starts) what makes this group becomes so special? are they super heroes? are they humans? mutants? predators? vampires? what do they eat? there are reasons that make them one of a kind.. they are much greater than any other special or mythical creatures.. they can hardly be traced by their physical feature, they're everywhere around the world, some are lethal and some are very influential...

they are.....

the bloggers!!! (the sound effect - fades out)

their thoughts are sharper than the sword and their critics are spicier than the red hot Chili (ibarat kecik2 cili padi, besar2 cili boh~~) ;-p

you don't have to be bitten by them to be one of their kind.

you just need some spark and courage to at least inspire or maybe make you feel like u feel to be one of this kind..*lol* ;-p

because once u have decided, there is no turning back.. ( back to serius mood, deep voice tone)

and now, i am proudly declare that i am already one of this kind...


who am i? (spiderman sound effect starts)

i.. am.. a BLOGGER..

wuhu!!! yeehaa! yabadabaduu!!!
i am now a blogger! (mcm cool plak rasa....) and this is my very first post! or i would call it as my first ignition.

see?? bloggers come in various talents, skills, strength and capabilities... they can make you become unparalleled, choked, or even make your tongue slipped! my capability? err.. uh..
at least i can set things on fire? :-p (bab ngarut nombor 1...)

happy blogging to me!!!