Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yeap! him again...

"Firdaous! push Firdaous! keep going, keep going! faster2!"
"awak nak lwn ngn dia nih nanti! camni ke awk nk lwn ngn dia? push!"
"yes!, beautiful! that's it!"
"haaaa.... mcm tu la.. lawan pakai otak.."
"panjang! distance2!!"
"weh panjang! mung sidestep, masuk BOOM! muke die.. mung igt panjang.. budak nih counter attack die laju.. mung kene pandai maing sidestep ngn die.. jangang maing attack bodo mung jee.."
"panjang! laju panjang! haa! lagu tuh panjang!"

those are few words from my coach and my teammates especially my team captain.(yg slang tganu tuh sume die yg kabor... fuh, doh pandar cakak tganu doh aku nih... dok kawang ngang org tganu blake)

yup, i can feel the tense... UiTM is the overall defending champion for Sukan MASUM since 2004 if im not mestaken. i want to be one of the gold medal contributers and i have to win gold for UiTM. but, it might be difficult as from what i heard, i will have to face a national taekwondo player in my categoty.. He has fought in many international tournament and has won sevaral titles including the gold medalist for junior world taekwondo championship in 2004. he can be considered as among the undefeated fighter in the national level.

me afraid of him? hm... a bit.. errr.... nope! he has nothing to be afraid of!

i will be playing in my homeground (UUM, Sintok, Kedah) and i will beat him... i'm going to kick his a** (pep talk la konon..)

will i make it? will i able to beat him up? will i able to really explode in the ring?

i fought him in Kejohanan Tekwondo Remaja kebangsaan 2005 which was held in Kuala Terengganu. as expected, i lost to him with almost a knockout during the semifinal match.a hard impack from his jumping back thrust kick directly to my sternum really made me felt like all my ribs was slightly bend to the inside... lucky it didnt break them.. and i was able to stand up again, and lost with point counting.. phew..

that was in 2005, and now is 2009...
we are now older,
we are more matured in our pshycology, skills,
he may have train more than me since he is a national player..
im no longer like what i used to be when i was 17,

i might have to work harder as what my coach, who knows him as his junior in the National team said:

"atleast klw awak tak menang, you can give a good show to all your crowd..."

ok, that means a lot.. i dont want to lose again to this guy and i hope that i will meet him in the final round and not during the preliminary round..because at least i could a get silver medal for UiTM but at the same time i have to be realistic. aarrghhh!! there are also more good fighter other than him that i have to think of. enough!
i don't want to think more of this. i just want to stay fokus... and to all my friends, please pray for me and wish me all the best for the game. 8D

during the training session...

Take 5!!! and every one will grab their water bottle..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

holliday = ??????

i finished reading midin's and jeng's blog!
aaarhh... jeles gila.. best nya budak2 nih...
(wait, Nway, happy belated birthday rayner!) okeh, sambung balik...

i am having my semester break right now.. but as usual, a boring person like me will have nothing else to do other than going for my training and being away from my mom... i mean, my family..

i don't know why the cycle keeps going on until now. since i was in secondary school time, i will spend most of my holiday going for taekwondo training because usually, national tournament will be held during the school break..

it gets even worse when it was in 2004 where i have to spend most of my holiday preparing for SUKMA 2006.(weekends, cuti pertengahan tahun, hujung tahun.. cuti= training* sigh), but eventually, due to my injury and several other issues, i couldnt represent kedah for sukma2006. but, that was in the past and let it be a history.

somehow i feel like the cycle keeps on going like what it used to be. i managed to enjoy my semester break when i was doing my pre tesl.

but, now,doing my bachelor degree, since i was in my first semester, ROTU steals most of my holiday and i will end up having around two weeks to spend on my semsester break.

This semester.

almost the same as the other semester break, i will be away from my family again.
i have to prepare for the Karnival Sukan MASUM 2009 which will be held at UUM, Sintok. from 21st may until 27th may 2009.

my centralised training will be from 14th to 24th may at the Main Kampus, Shah Alam and my game will be from 25th to 27th of may 2009.

what about my PALAPES a.k.a ROTU?
*(Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan/Reserve Officer Trining Unit)


ROTU Mid-Year Military Training will be held from 23rd May until 30th May 2009. Yes, it somehow will be clashed with MASUM. But i am trying my best to escape frm the training for the remaining three days. I want to get back home immediately after i finish my game on the 27th.

fingers crossed, i hope that i will be able to convince the Officers to allow me not to go for the Military Training konon2 "mewakili UITM ke MASUM "and hopefully with a medal (dont know yet wheter it would be a gold, silver or bronze) would be a credit for me to escape from the Military training. and i want to use the remaining days to spend on my holidays!!!!

i hope that i will able to spend the entire holiday. but with "Getting to Know You" which will be going to take place on the 25th of july, somehow i feel like i will have to spend my holidays preparing for that welcoming activities... yes.. i'l be sacrificing my holiday again............

enough said. i have to stop whining because nobody forces me to do what i am doing right now.. it's my own choice and i have to face it.

million credits to my family (Sir Fadzil, Kakngah, Ami and especially my lovely Che' yah!)
for their understanding and supports..

sory abah for not spending enough time to help you out with the chores..
sory Che' Yah for making you counting the day ur son will be leaving home and waiting patiently
for him to get back... with bruises, and cuts, most of the time..
sory kakngah for not able to go hang out with you..
sory ami for not able to go joging, futsal and watch football matches with you..
thank you and sory for everything!

and to all my dear friends..
-enjoy your holiday to the fullest!
-do activities, go to work or anything that makes you happy..
-family first! do spend your precious time with your family members... go out, or do activities together.
-wish for my luck! doa2... huhu... 8D

happy hols! have a great one! miss you guys!!!