Sunday, August 15, 2010

can i have these for my birthday please???

Harry Potter Boxset Books 1 - 7.

it comes with a Hogwarts "Deliver To:" sticker...
stickers included so u can decorate the box yourself...
hard cover editions from 1997-2007

also comes with an old fashion lock...


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Busyness and Birthday Wishes...

I was about to start my lesson and I wrote 'friday' on the top, left corner of the whiteboard...
and i wanted to write the date... but i forgot...
while still looking at the whiteboard, i asked my students ..


"13th SIR!!!"

"WHAT????" I turned my head, looking at my students and asked again, "ARE YOU SURE??"


"NOTHING...." *darn.... what is wrong with you man, how can you forget today is 13th...*

This is not the first time it happens... i did forget few important dates like i wished kakngah happy birthday a day after her birthday and that made me felt so bad. i also forget few of my good friends' birthday... and few others more that i did.. sounds bad right??

The point of having me saying all these is that all these occurrence that keep on happening since i started my life as a university student make me think and reflect upon myself and i hope this little sparks could ignite others too.

We always busy with our life. Let's not make our busyness become an excuse for us to forget important dates or not to even spend a little time to at least give a call to our family and ask how are they doing.

Yesterday was my little brother's birthday and my best friend's birthday. Although it may be a bit late (because i always be among the first to wish them happy birthday),
but still, i think, i still made it on time. :)