Sunday, August 15, 2010

can i have these for my birthday please???

Harry Potter Boxset Books 1 - 7.

it comes with a Hogwarts "Deliver To:" sticker...
stickers included so u can decorate the box yourself...
hard cover editions from 1997-2007

also comes with an old fashion lock...



  1. OMG! NAKKKKK! ok, dapat dah idea utk hantaran. :P

  2. tak tahan, nak 1 set plak tue..
    siap dgn box..

  3. azie: LOL!! hantarannn???? melampau! ahahahaa!! but, why not?? :D

    puan balkiz: nak puan!! pe kate puan bg hadiah ni kt besday saye bulan doblas nanti.. or.. 12th december to be specific.. :p
    tp klw puan nak bg awal pn saye ok je puan... hahahaha... bukan ape.. boleh saye buat pusaka.. turun temurun... nanti boleh saye turunkan kt anak cucu saye.... hahaaha